Friday, December 11, 2015

The Best Ways To Create Multiple Income Streams

Hi. I am JR from Hamburg, Germany. I have gained a lot of knowledge while researching various ways to make money online! I started with paid-to-read emails in 2005 and after signing up to too many services I was getting at least 1500 emails a day to click and read... that was too much for me to handle for too small payments! The monetary return wasn't complementing the time and effort!

So I slowly started to transition to the so called paid-to-click sites. I felt that this could be a better way so I starting investing a lot of time and eventuelly ~1000€.

I was aquiring more and more "paid" clickers and when I had reached 2000 clickers under my belt I had chosen to take a little bit out, little by little. I started with $100 (those $100 were my first income online) and that was my mistake!

The strategy with my daily income and so the coverage for the payment of my clickers was not in a good balance anymore and my earnings declined very fast and I couldn't stop it... I couldn't maintain the clickers and the number had gotten down to 50 clickers within a month or two... that was the moment where I did realize that I don't want to do this anymore! I moved on and researched other ways...

Through the past ten years of research I came to this conclusion:

The following are by far the best ways to earn a decent living online, at least in my opinion ;)

  • Create your own website, share your greatest gift and passions! Teach others to do the same! Do your research! Map out your mind and find a topic that you are passionate about and would eventuelly make a business in that area for a long time. Use self evaluation and ask yourself what is it that you really want to do! Do a keyword research and find out if your chosen topic has some monthly searches and how much competition awaits you. Think about ways to monetize your content!
  • Create digital products! (songs, beats, podcasts, ebooks, courses, videos, apps, etc)... take topics you know a lot about, you have exceptionally good skills in, you have experiences with or something you are about to get into! For example I am a beat producer for around 10 years now and I have recently started a website about music production and sound engineering where I sell sound packs and write reviews about the hardware and software I am using ;)
  • Use affiliate programs related to your chosen topic or niche 
  • Offer your services as a freelancer, for example on Fiverr

 The key is TO TAKE ACTION! I hope after reading this you will engage yourself with the endless possibilities and opportunities the internet is offering and you can create for yourself and others.

The other ways you will find on this site are proven to be working and paying, but I will no longer work in those areas anymore! Maybe I will trade forex once in a while and look for other ways to make money online... but I have a lot of other plans to share my knowledge, skills and creations to help others! I have to priortize my time to follow my dreams and to reach my goals!

You should ask yourself, too... time is passing either way, no matter what you do... so what do you really want to do? What makes you happy? Don't you want to spend your life time with what you love to do?

If you have any questions... just ask ;)
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Have a good one